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This is an RPG journal for Agent Thomas Grace in elite_muses
Fandom: ALIAS

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hole_inyoursoul - Tom/Rachel (w/my_strappyshoes)

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landof_reprisal - private LOST-based mass crossover (LOST, Blade Trinity, BtVS, HOUSE, Prison Break, ALIAS, The 4400, THE PRETENDER, X MEN)

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EM: All challenge responses are canon up until REPRISAL, where all challenges will diverge into AU RP-based canon, including RP-based backstory, unless otherwise noted.

In an alternate version of the ALIAS timeline, Thomas Grace was born Anthony Martin Venommeci, a native of Willingsboro, New Jersey. At the age of twenty one, Anthony, an aspiring police academy cadet, became inadvertently embroiled in the world of espionage while working at a local sporting goods store, a small-time front for Alliance operations. After overhearing a conversation between the owners about a money laundering front for the Alliance, Anthony went to the authorities...a mistake that would cost him his life.

Confronted by his employers at the store after hours, Anthony got caught in the crosshairs of shots fired, which hit a case of ammo that had yet to be stored. The resulting explosion left his would-be assasins badly injured and Anthony himself close to death. Though he managed to pull through, the Federal authorities intervened. Offering Anthony the chance to testify against his attackers resulted in his insertion into WITSEC, with special privileges. Creating a new identity, Tom was allowed to enter agent training and join the CIA under his new identity as Thomas Grace.

Regarding the events of REPRISAL, Tom didn't die in the explosion that destroyed the offices of APO. Rather, he remained with the bomb in the subway, intending to do so as long as needed until Rachel Gibson physically came for him, informing him the evacuation was complete. Together, they escaped, and began dating while working together to reconstruct the remains of APO.

As their relationship became more serious, Tom revealed the truth about his past to her, and during the Christmas holiday, proposed marriage to Rachel, which she accepted.

After the wedding, the couple took their honeymoon in Sydney, Australia, returning home on Oceanic Flight 815, which never reached its final destination.
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