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((NOTE: Based on RP that's taken place at [ profile] landof_reprisal, x-posted to [ profile] made_of_wire.))

Time is relative here on the island these watch still works, but I stopped wearing it weeks ago. I keep it in my pocket for the most part...I’ve discovered I can sort of tell the time on my own without using it.

One AM is about the time of night when the air starts to smell damp and crisp...not jungle humid, but the cool tang of morning is just starting to form. Call me corny, but it’s like the smell of something new...a new day, a new start, whatever. But no other time of day smells like it, and within at least a half hour to forty five minutes, the smell on the air changes a little...starts to stagnate as the day grows older, but we’re talking minuscule here...from new day to wee hours, when it’s still dark and most sane people are still asleep.

It used to be I could tell the time at night back home based on just how tangled up Rachel was around me. She’s not a bed hog, per se...she’s a body hog. *My* body, to be specific. We start out sleeping side by side, maybe me with an arm thrown around her, or vice-versa. This is around ten or eleven, twelve on a long night. For the sake of argument, we’ll call it eleven.

By midnight, she’s curled against my side. By one, she’s got an arm around me like I’m some big teddy bear. If she’s restless, by one thirty her leg’s thrown over mine, but on a regular night that hits about two thirty. From about three to five, she first gets her head on my chest, then it’s basically her shifting and twisting around, trying *really* hard to wake me up without meaning to, and by six? I’ve become her human mattress.

She’ll deny it up and down, but a couple months before our wedding I got nailed with a neurotoxin in the field...the antigen kept me awake all night long. I clocked it.

I got through forty-odd days of hell, learning new ways to clock the passage of time and mark my day...ways that weren’t connected to her. But even though I adapted, taught myself how to live again in a world where she wasn’t at its center, it was all for nothing because the things I discovered became new things I wanted to show her.

But old habits die’s about two right now, but I woke up at one AM this morning. And I can tell you, without hesitation, that the best part about waking up at one AM is never looking at a clock to tell the time.

It’s Rachel’s arm around my waist and her body pressed tight against my side. It’s listening to her breathe and feeling her heart beat against mine, and knowing that I’m living in a world again where I can find her at the center.

Muse: Thomas Grace
Fandom: ALIAS
Words: 494


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