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When I was growing up, family was all about the usual stuff...the people at home: mom, dad, siblings, aunts and uncles. It was Christmas morning and 4th of July picnics and even stuff like being grounded as a kid or going home for the holidays when you were older.

[WITSEC clearance required]

I never got that particular opportunity...the going home, growing up with my family. I was still pretty much a kid when I lost them...just a punk that thought he had what it took to make a difference. And right when I was about to reach that point in my life...where I was doing something worthwhile and finding a real place in the world...when I was actually growing up, the worst possible thing happened to me.

That’s when I learned what family is really all about.

It wasn’t the home I made with my first wife or the fake relatives I was estranged from as Tom Grace. Wasn’t even my co-workers that tried so hard to comfort me after Angela got killed. Family isn’t friends or relatives or people you work with.

Family is the woman you dig out of the rubble of a bomb explosion. Family is the man you pull off of a bomb that nearly collapses a full Los Angeles city block from underground. Family is a group of men and women who accept you when you’re there to fill the shoes of the dead and’s the man who shakes your hand when you’re standing where he ought to be.

Family is the workplace that becomes a home. It’s the people you do more than care for or respect, it’s more than even the people you’ll die for.

Family is the people you’ll bleed for...slow, often, and painful. It’s the people that will do the same for you...and have done it. Have, and do, every single day.

I went to work for APO...but now? I pretty much live there...because if home is where your family’s at, then I make my living going home every day...and damn proud of it.

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Fandom: ALIAS
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