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He was marrying one stubborn woman, that was for damn sure.

Narrowing his eyes a little, Tom stared at the small stack of travel brochures he’d gathered together for their impromptu planning session...totally Rachel-mandated. Mostly, anyway. Still blew his mind that they were actually doing this...that she’d actually said yes.

And that the honeymoon issue had produced their first real fight.

Picking up one brochure, he had to grin at the memory of last week...the yelling, the screaming, the three day silent treatment...and then a weekend highlighted by some of the best sex he’d ever had. Funny that the old adage about make up sex was true...Tom had to wonder if marriage was always going to be like that. He didn’t mind the fighting if *that* was gonna be the end result...

Flipping open the camping pamphlet he’d picked up, he paused at an image of a tent on a deserted stretch of beach with a spectacular twilight view sprawled out for the two silhouetted campers inside.

God, that sounded so perfect. Alone with her and a view like that...staked out somewhere on a deserted island or something with nothing but each other. No bad guys to fight, no life or death missions...just a jewel blue sky and a warm little fire with their arms around each other.

When had Heaven turned into isolation and Rachel Gibson?

Shaking his head a bit, Tom took a sip of his beer and continued weeding through the pamphlets he’d picked up. The deal was that they’d get together and go over their own sets of choices together, then make a decision. So far his options included a lot of out of the way spots, including a little low-level outdoorsy stuff...the camping brochure was part of an information package from a place Weiss had recommended that rented cabins up in the Colorado Rockies, and also had some good deals on vacation rentals in the South Pacific with private beaches. There was a lot of that in his choices...Hawaii and the Bahamas among other things, along with Greece thrown in for good measure.

Rachel would like the culture...but damn if he wasn’t hoping to talk her into visiting one of the nude beaches that were out there...

Grinning, Tom riffled through the stack and made sure the brochure for Greece was on top, with the resort pamphlet second, then bound them together with a rubber band and tossed them on the coffee table.

They’d discuss their options tomorrow...and in a few months, they’d actually be doing it. Married, and on their honeymoon.

It was gonna feel good, wearing a ring again. Never did feel right, taking his off. It was funny that the woman he was going to marry was the same woman that had helped him learn to let go of what had happened to Angela...he’d never really let go of her. After too long alone, Angela had really taught him how to to feel alive again.

She’d helped him find Rachel...and he’d always be grateful to her for that. And this time, he’d do things right...he wouldn’t screw up and let her get hurt like his first wife.

This time...Tom wasn’t going to let any mistakes get made.

Muse: Tom Grace
Fandom: ALIAS
Words: 552
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