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[WITSEC clearance required to read]

Sometimes I think that *I’m* the polar opposite...being what I am. That maybe the man I am now is the opposite of the man I was gonna be before he died in an explosion.

I think about it on occasion...I wonder if Anthony Venomecci would have joined the CIA, or done any of the stuff that I have. Then I eventually decide that he wouldn’t have. He wouldn’t join the CIA on a freakin’ bet, and lemme tell ya...there’s not a lot that Tony Venomecci *wouldn’t* have done on a bet.

Tom Grace? Just as willing...but a little more careful.

If Tony had lived? He’d probably be a detective with the Willingboro PD by now...or if he was feeling ambitious? The Jersey Sherrif’s Department, or maybe Jersey Highway Patrol. He’d be married to Christine Deseas with at least one kid, maybe another on the way. He’d have perfect credit, a spotless work record...a lot of commendations and a lot of friends.

He would think that he was grateful for his good fortune, that he knew just how great his blessings were...but he’d be wrong.

Tony would be content...complacent. He’d never venture further than his hometown except on vacations, and then he’d never get further than New York or Maine. He’d be fine where he was, and he’d never want to see more of the world. He’d be happy as an honest, respectable man, and he’d never want to push the envelope.

Tony would think the perfect kids and the cookie cutter wife were the pinnacle. He never would have gone for the timid, golden girl computer geek with just a little touch of darkness in her.

If Tony Venomecci had survived, he’d be a man that never learned how close a friend pain can be...and how it can make life so much richer than it is for other people.

So I guess that’s my polar opposite...the happy homebody, the FATHER KNOWS BEST family man. They guy who’s never hungry for something deeper, something more intense...

They guy who’s happy with the horizon instead of shooting at the moon.

Muse: Thomas Grace
Fandom: Alias
Words: 356
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