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I don’t just believe in second chances...I’ve lived through more than a few. I’ve seen other people get them...I guess it’s a side effect of our business: you change faces so often and so many times that second chances lose a little of their luster. They just become another day at the office.

I try not to look at them that way, though. Regardless of how routine miracles can become when your day to day business is life, death, and the freedom of a nation, there are still moments that surpass even the expected wonders can become something precious. I mean...I’ve read the files about a lot of the agents working in my unit, and their stories are enough to curl your hair. Sydney Bristow’s missing two years, Flinkman’s abduction in connection to SD-6's Echelon project...hell, the whole mess with Agent Vaugh.

Then there’s the stuff I lived through, and I don’t mean my own personal bullshit. I watched a dead woman rise from the ashes to find happiness. I was there for the rescue...right alongside another woman I stood by as she tried to make a new life for herself when she realized that the old one was a lie. Love you, Rachel.

Nadia and Rachel are both examples of what second chances are all about...and how far they can really go. For Nadia, it literally gave her her life back. Without the circumstances she suffered through, she’d never have lived to get to where she’s at right now, and from the looks of it? She’s pretty damn happy.

And Rachel? Well...if I hadn’t pulled her out of the rubble in a ruined building, she never would have pulled me out of the LA subway tunnels that collapsed when that bomb went off.

The CIA gave her a second chance...and she gave me a third.

And in case I didn’t mention it, I love her like crazy.


Muse: Thomas Grace
Fandom: ALIAS
Words: 329
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