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It had been waiting back for them in Los Angeles...his wedding gift to her. She’d seen it, but she didn’t know it was for her...for them. It wasn’t very big or splashy, but it was a good gift...the perfect gift. It was a place they could call their own...a perfect way to start their new life together.

The house was a steal, but still a little expensive...Tom hadn’t cared. When he’d seen the place with Rachel prior to the wedding...another installment of their endless talks about the future...he’d fallen in love. It had a nice lawn and a modest backyard, and room to grow with a little renovation. It wasn’t a dream house, and it might not have been the perfect house...but it was a good house to start a life together.

It should have been their home...but that wasn’t going to be the case now.

Instead, his home was a rickety little shelter on the beach of an uncharted island, with no hope of rescue. It was the pounding of the waves to wake him where he lay beside Rachel every morning, a stretch of beach he didn’t belong on, a primitive little island society he never wanted to be part of.

But now he was...and with Rachel again, as well as a baby on the way. He was, essentially, part of a family more ways than he ever imagined. And it wasn’t a bad thing...but before, Tom couldn’t decide if it was a good thing.

Until he found himself bearing the weight of the name of ‘father’...and as the mantle fell across his shoulders, he knew that houses and hovels didn’t ultimately matter.

*There* was the place where he felt, for the first time, completely at home.

Muse: Thomas Grace
Fandom: ALIAS
Words: 303


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